Research Focus

Urban and economic development in conflict areas; Urbanization in minority-majority regions; housing and slum upgrading; Chinese city planning; cross-border economic and development planning in Western China and Central Asia; development planning and practice in authoritarian states; gender and development.

Research Highlights

  • Designed and conducted ethnographic research projects in Urumqi (18 months) and Taipei (10 months). Built a network of informants in a highly “sensitive” research setting. Conducted in-depth interviews in Chinese with city planning officials, real estate developers, and over forty local residents.
  • Have conducted original research on China’s Silk Road Economic Belt initiative, urban and economic in Kashgar, cultural tourism in southern Xinjiang, and the effect of Asian Development Bank project funding on trade and infrastructure development in Xinjiang.
  • Expertise in gathering and analyzing Chinese policy documents and government work reports; additional familiarity with Chinese-language academic sources and print and electronic archives.
  • Collected spatial data and employed both cognitive mapping and GIS-assisted spatial analysis (arcGIS) to understand changing perceptions of space among Uyghur ethnic minorities.
  • Experienced in mixed-methods research design and statistical analysis (SPSS).
  • Advanced skills in qualitative data coding (ATLAS.ti) and analysis.

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